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Add a flair of pixel weaving art to your home or office with this Trickster's Demon Mask art hanging!  It is sure to be a conversation starter in any location!

This art weaving is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  It was woven on the 1927 Union Loom with 8/4 Carpet Warp.  It has a black cloth backing to help preserve the weave that also doubles as a hanging rod holder.

45 total hours of work went into the weaving process of this piece, 38 hours of weaving alone.

This weaving differs from the fabric items as it is intended as a work of art, to be enjoyed visually.  As such, it is NOT machine washable.  

Trickster's Demon Mask

  • Art Piece Size:
         29.5" Tall x 21" Wide

    Image Size:
         26" Tall x 20" Wide


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