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Mune Merch

In the early spring of 2018, Mune decided it was a great time to grace us with his presence.  He braved the frigid, below freezing cold to embark on the journey that would lead to him being adopted by the Loony Loomworks family.

Since his adoption, Mune has taken over the Twitch stream and cemented himself as a staple of the Loony Loomworks studio.  This ball of Turkish Angora fluff melts hearts with his huge, loving eyes, long and luscious ear tuffs, and adorable pink nose. 

One can usually spot his royal floof-ness sleeping in the studio; but keep a watchful eye, when his father's back is turned, Mune likes to steal the wool!

All artwork on the Mune Merch was designed by Essence_of_Ginger



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